Research identifies the power and pitfalls of Internet middle and last miles

Internet-based SD-WAN is supposed to be an affordable alternative to MPLS, but how can you trust the SD-WAN to be fast and predictable if the Internet is so unpredictable?2018-11-13_18h03_17

To answer that question, SD-WAN Experts recently examined the middle- and last-mile performance of hundreds of paths across many public Internet backbones. We collected latency and variation statistics, insights into what networks work, and how they compare with managed backbones. 

Grab a free copy from our research and learn:

  • Which backbones show the best latency within the US and globally
  • The parts of the Internet that are the most unstable and how to avoid them
  • How Internet middle mile performance compares with that of a global private backbone.
  • How to minimize latency and maximize application performance
  • What you need consider when assessing Internet access services 

...and more. For the complete results and findings, register to download "Internet Performance Uncovered: How to Stop The Internet Middle Mile From Undermining Your SD-WAN"